Créame Alliance Information

Thank you for being interested in forming a partnership with Créame! We love to see everyone here come together as one, in order to partnership or become an affiliate with us you must follow the requirements set below if you do in fact meet them, please DM a member of the PR Department, they would be happy to assist you, or you may DM the founder, clearlypetes!


  • Group must have at least 80+ members! (Goes by half amount of our group members. We do not allow exceptions.

  • Group must be active, meaning chats must be active, sessions etc.

  • Group must not have a bad reputation and must be professional.

  • Must be able to attend our events and more.

  • Group must have an active and professional communications server, this meaning, MRs or potentially HRs shouldn’t be running around acting wild. They should be setting an example.


  1. What is the name of the group you’re requesting this affiliate on behalf of and how many members do you currently have?
  2. Why have you chosen to affiliate with Créame?
  3. How will your group benefit from this partnership?
  4. How will Créame benefit from this partnership?
  5. How active is your group? How will this affect the influence on Créame?
  6. Who are the representatives that will be our main source of contact in regards to this partnership?
  7. Please link your Roblox group and Discord server below.

Head of Public Relations