Crashing at server start up/players joining the game

Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-03-30 00:03:00 (+01:00)
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
Rejoining the game ( inconsistently causes the player and all other players in the game to have their client’s crash.
From the players asked, they are all running Windows 10 on the newest Roblox client.

I have ruled out foul play as it can reproduced in a server by myself with no 3rd party apps involved.
I have also ruled out any updates that I have added to the game myself as I have tested on the last known version that did not have any crash reports.

Expected Behavior:
I expect to be able to play the game as normal.

Actual Behavior:
When this issue occurs, all connected clients will crash with a dialog box.

Using the Microsoft store app instead of the website version will prevent this crash from happening.


Thanks for the report! @coburm is right – it would be helpful if you could give us permission to join your place.

Additionally, what does the dialog box say? Logs from clients that are crashing would be very helpful. Instructions on how to get client logs here.

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I have attached the client logs in the private message linked.
I have also made the game public until this can be resolved.

The dialog box is the white crash one that says Roblox needs to quit

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This game has also been experiencing this bug.

Is there any response to this issue? This is causing us to lose players, robux, and could possibly lose our place on the front page play sort due to this issue.

there can be issues if you manually call Player:LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription() or Player:LoadCharacter() before waiting for a previous call to the function for the same player to finish. I’m working on a fix for that issue, although I’m unsure if this is what’s causing the problems in your game. While you’re waiting for the fix you could check your code to see if you think this may be what’s causing your problems. If so, you could fix it in script by trying to ensure the previous call has completed before making another call to the function


I guarantee that the calls are not done at the same time in the scenarios that I have tested, so would be inclined to say that it is not the issue. The problem has largely subsided in recent days though with the “Roblox needs to quit” message.

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