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Welcome to the official public handbook of Creamise! This document contains essential information about everything in Creamise. We hope reading everything that is included in this document will help you know a lot better about our group.

About Us

Creamise was founded in 30th December, 2019. We are a new and growing group, with a positive moral, and excellent staff. We promote benevolence, professionalism, and activity. Creamise Bakery is the absolute superior place to chat, and hang out with friends over a nice, warm drink, or pastry.

Executive Information

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team, known as the Super Rank team manages all of the group’s operations and oversee the departments. All reports or issues regarding our High Ranks should be directed to them.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department deal with Middle Rank warnings, suspensions, demotions, terminations, and promotions. Anything regarding Low Ranks should be directed to the Management Team

Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department deals with events and alliances. They keep track of alliances and do their best to ensure a great and collaborative community. This includes hosting fun events for our community.

Rank Description

Low Ranks


Non-staff rank. People with this rank are able to join all Creamise facilities except for the Training Center. They are also able to apply for a job at Creamise’s Application Center.

Noted Customer

A Noted Customer is a hardworking former MR+ who has contributed to Creamise by working for them.


Users in this rank have donated more than 500R$+ to Creamise or developed for Creamise in the past or contributed to development.


People with this rank are those who passed their application that they submitted in the Application Center. They cannot work at the Bakery as they need to attend training sessions first which are hosted at the Training Center.


Staff rank. Cashiers are responsible for serving customers and guests by submitting their orders to the Chefs. They are also able to make drinks but they mostly stand behind the registers. However, if they achieve 100 points, they are eligible to attend a training session to become an Experienced Staff. Then, they will be trained on working behind the kitchen.


Users in this rank are considered as staff members. Chefs are those who work in the kitchen, receiving orders and preparing food for the customers such as cakepops, cookies, cupcakes, and more. They are not able to work behind the registers. However, if they achieve 100 points, they are eligible to attend a training session to become an Experienced Staff. Then, they will be trained on working behind the registers.

Experienced Staff

People with this rank are considered as experienced staff members. In order to be an Experienced Staff, you need to achieve 100 points as Cashier/Chef. Once fulfilled, you have to attend a training session which should be hosted at the Training Center. Experienced Staff is eligible for a promotion to Professional.


A Professional is similar to Experienced Staff but has more knowledge about the procedures at the Bakery. To become a Professional, you must have 200 points as an Experienced Staff so that a Manager can promote you. Professionals can also be recommended by General Managers+ to become a Management Intern.

Middle Ranks

Management Intern - 50

People with this rank are also considered as Middle Ranks in training. They have worked hard as Low Ranks. Lastly, they can become certified members of the Management Team through a certain process.

Staff Assistant - 35

Users who have this rank are now certified members of Creamise’s Management Team. They supervise the Bakery and attend training sessions to train LRs.

Supervisor - 20

Users who have shown dedication to the group and are very active. They can co-host training sessions and host Bakery shifts.

Manager - 15

Individuals in this rank are able to host training sessions and assist the lower ranks. They also have the ability to rank Low Ranks and post QOTDs in the communication server.

General Manager - 10

The last Middle Rank, also known as the highest Middle Rank, individuals in this rank are extremely active and dedicated to the group and are always willing to help others. General Managers are able to recommend Professionals for Management Intern and are also eligible for a promotion to the first High Rank, which is Executive Assistant.

High Ranks

Executive Assistant - 6

Someone who was noticed by the Super High Rank/Leadership Team that they have worked very hard and are considered as leaders to their fellow middle ranks. They have to choose a department they want to be in.

Executive Director - 4

The next rank after Executive Assistant. Individuals in this rank assist the Board of Directors of their designated department as well as helping their other colleagues.

Board of Directors - 2

Users in this rank are considered as the head of their chosen departments. They are promoted by the Super Ranks. Board of Directors have granted permissions to be in charge of overseeing the condition of their departments.


Our current developer(s) that develop for Creamise in terms of advanced building, scripting, and other jobs.

Super Ranks

Vice President - 1

The first Super High Rank. The Vice President knows the group very well and oversees the departments, making sure everything is going smoothly.

President - 2

People who guide the High Ranks and their departments. A President also has the ability to know information about Creamise development, social media links, and much more.

Vice Chairwoman - 1

This rank is similar to President, but the Vice Chairwoman is like a co-owner of Creamise.

Chairwoman - 1

The owner of Creamise. The Chairwoman works with her fellow Super Ranks such as overseeing departments, staff, HR promotions, and many more. In other words, the Chairwoman is in charge of everything in Creamise.

Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a cordial and enjoyable community at Creamise, each and everyone visiting all Creamise facilities are required to follow these rules listed below. Failure to comply will results in consequences, depending on the severity.

Public CoD

1. Respect

As this is the first rule on this section of the handbook, this should be the first thing you should follow at all Creamise establishments. Any derogatory and offensive remarks to any of our guests and customers will result in a ban from the server. Use common sense, if you are doing something wrong in any way, you should be mindful of your own action(s). Remember to always show respect to our staff or to people in general if you want them to do the same to you.

2. Trolling

Trolling or any form of disturbance at Creamise facilities is not allowed from Creamise. If anyone is caught doing so, consequences may occur such as kicking, banning, blacklist, or in worst cases, permanent banning.

3. Exploiting

Exploiting is strictly prohibited as it can severely affect the atmosphere of Creamise establishments. According to Roblox terms of service, exploiting is strictly not allowed. Violating this rule will immediately result to a permanent ban by our staff.

4. Dress Code

Anyone is allowed to wear anything along as it is appropriate. Examples of inappropriate clothing are: clothes with swearing, invisible clothes, xenophobic and/or sexist clothes, any clothing that is against the LGBTQ+ community, t-shirts/pants/shirts that can hurt others, and more.

It is your responsibility to be appropriate and mature to wear decent clothing. If you wear anything listed above, a member of the Management Team+ will ask you to change your outfit for 2 minutes, failure to do so may result to a kick, ban, or permanent ban. Our staff is professional enough to know what outfit is inappropriate and disturbing, if you are asked to change your outfit to an appropriate one, you are required to follow.

5. Spamming

Spamming is strictly prohibited. If any member of the Management Team+ notices you violating this rule in a server, you will immediately be banned from the server. However, if one is caught doing so in the group wall, we will immediately delete all of the posts and kick them from the group.

6. Advertising

Any form of advertisement such as your Roblox group, YouTube channel, communications server, invite competition, etc. is not allowed at all Creamise establishments. We will not hesitate to ban you from the server if you are caught doing so. In relation with rule #5, some players tend to advertise in the group wall by spamming posts, we will delete all of them and kick the player(s) from the group.

7. Inappropriate Usernames

Any form of inappropriate usernames which can be offensive and derogatory will result to a permanent ban. Roblox can find your name to be in violation to the terms of service, leading to a deletion of account.

8. Rumors

False accusations against our group or to any other player is prohibited from Creamise. If you are told to stop, you are required to follow. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the server.

9. Communications

As much as possible, please try your best to communicate in English. If any of our staff notices that you are purposely communicating in other languages for various reasons such as trolling, being rude, etc. then you will be banned from the server. The general language in Roblox is English as most of the players communicate in that language. However, do not fret! You have the option to use Google Translate if you are not completely familiar with English.

10. Personal Information

Asking for any form of personal information from players is strictly prohibited. Examples of personal information are: address, IP address, full name, telephone number, e-mail address, and many more. Any personally identifiable information is not allowed on Roblox. Creamise strongly recommends everyone to protect their personal information as others may take advantage of this to cause disturbance and disruption. Anyone violating this rule at all Creamise establishments will result to a permanent ban.

Staff CoD

#1. Professionalism

This includes proper usage of decent grammar, maturity, good knowledge, well-trained, productive, and kind to others. As an employee, remember that you are required to be professional at all costs in all Creamise establishments. Doing so shows that you are dedicated to your job. Keep in mind that working at Creamise is one of your priorities as you chose to become an employee in the first place. Although it is enjoyable to hang out and communicate with your friends but be mindful of those around you. If you realize that you are being overly immature and insensitive by making vulgar and derogatory jokes, then stop. Failure to comply will get you immediately demoted.

#2. Dress Code

You are required to wear casual clothing as long as it does not violate Roblox terms of service or the ones listed in rule #4 in the General Code of Conduct. We encourage our staff to remain appropriate and professional towards those who visit all Creamise facilities including customers, alliances, guests, etc. Failure to comply will result to consequences, depending on the severity.

#3. Responsibilities

You are required to do your job at the Bakery at all costs. Serving those who wish to order from our Bakery should be your main priority. In addition to that, do not forget to remain professional as you are trained by the Management Team+. Even if you encounter your friends at the Bakery, you are still required to serve for them. If you are caught slacking off and showing an unacceptable behavior as an employee, you will receive a demotion. However, if you need any form of assistance, do not hesitate to approach an experienced staff member, they are willing to help you out if you need it.

#4. Promotions

You can get promoted by attending training sessions at the Training Center, be sure to check the official sessions schedule so that you can attend a session on time! However, if you are a Professional giving out short signals and/or messages such as, “I wish I was a Middle Rank.” or “I have been working for a long time now!”, then that is considered as hinting. Continuously doing that will drastically decrease your chances of getting promoted to Staff Assistant. It is best to stay dedicated, hardworking, and humble. As long as you are proud working at Creamise serving numerous customers and guests, the Management Team+ will notice your hard-work as an employee.

#5. Disruptive Players

If you are to encounter a troller, an exploiter, raiders, or any individuals that bring disturbance and disruption at any Creamise facilities, the first thing you should do as an employee is to report them to a MR+ or a HR+ as your last resort. Also, it is highly encouraged that you capture evidence for exploiters. At all costs, do not let them ruin the experience in the server as their disturbance is not needed. Lastly, as an employee, you are required to be professional and mature. What does this mean for disruptive players? Even though they bring disruption in the server, you are still obligated to show respect and good manners to them. Showing immature and rude behavior to them will not make the situation any better.

#6. Suggestions & Improvements

Have an idea to suggest? Do not hesitate to share them in our communications server! Not only that but if you encounter any bugs at some of our establishments, please address it to a HR+ so that they may fix and handle it immediately. We will be grateful for this as you are already helping Creamise improve by addressing the little thing(s).

Each and everyone is encouraged to read the Public Code of Conduct; however, staff members should also consider reading the Staff Code of Conduct as it is designated for them.

Promotion Guide

This guide will explain basic rules and regulations along with do’s and don’ts as a Professional to become a Management Intern at Creamise. The purpose of this guide is to help you improve your performance as a Professional at Creamise but also achieve the Management Intern rank to experience a whole new level within the group!

Before that, here are the point requirements you need to receive in order to rank up from Cashier/Chef:

Experienced staff = 100 points and attend one training session.
Professional = 200 points.

1. Grammar

As a Professional, you are required to use proper grammar at all Creamise facilities. However, do not use over the top grammar. It is strongly recommended to use words that are easily understandable for customers and guests. Please avoid using words that are not familiar to you or to others, keep in mind that this will not help you get promoted to Management Intern.

2. Activity

Actively work at the Bakery for a minimum of 1 week. Make sure to stabilize your performance by working everyday at the Bakery so that it would increase your chances of getting promoted to Management Intern! It is highly encouraged that you attend bakery shifts most of the time too.

3. Hinting

Previously stated in the Staff Code of Conduct, hinting is strongly not recommended and will drastically decrease your chances of getting promoted to Management Intern. In addition to that, asking MRs to order from you is also considered as hinting. Instead, you should wait for customers and guests to approach your register and then you may do your job. We do not tolerate any form of hinting, it will not be helpful for you if you wish to become a Management Intern at Creamise. In other words, you need to have patience and continue working hard to achieve your desired goal.

4. Communications Server

In order to eligibly become a member of the Management Team of Creamise, you must join our communications server as we communicate with the community there everyday for various reasons: events, QOTDs, voice calls, and much more activities! More information are located in there which is also why we need all MRs+ to be in it.

Recipe Guide


Regular - Cup + Regular Machine

Espresso - Cup + Espresso Machine

Decaf: - Cup + Decaf Machine

Latte - Espresso + Milk + Heater

Cappuccino - Milk + Espresso

Americano - Espresso + Water + Heater

Macchiato - Espresso + Cream

If you’d like iced coffee, simply add ice after you are done making the coffee!


Water + Heater + Tea Flavour


Ice + Milk + Flavour Machine + Blender


Tray + Cakepop Dough + Oven + Flavour


Tray + Cookie Batter + Chocolate Chips/Sugar + Oven


Tray + Donut Batter + Deep Fryer + Icing Flavor


Tray + Cupcake Batter + Oven + Icing Flavor



Available iced!


Green Tea
Black Tea
Chai Tea


Oreo Milkshake
Caramel Milkshake
Vanilla Milkshake
Chocolate Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
Mint Milkshake


Vanilla Cakepop
Chocolate Cakepop
Strawberry Cakepop
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sugar Cookie
Glazed Donut
Chocolate Donut
Strawberry Donut
Vanilla Cupcake
Chocolate Cupcake

Alliance Information


We would like to thank you for your interest in forming an alliance with Creamise. We are seeking for professional yet friendly alliances that will make a close bond with Creamise. If you are interested in forming an alliance, keep in mind that your group needs to follow the requirements stated below:

  • Have 600+ members in the group without any botted members.

  • Have 300+ members in the communications server without any botted members/bots. (Exceptions can be made depending on the application and group.)

  • Have a business group. (Cafe, hotel, clothing, etc.)

  • Have professional standards for staff.

  • Have an active and professional group.

  • Be willing to announce any events we organise.

  • Frequently attend events Creamise hosts.

  • Be active in our communications server.

  • Submit your alliance application through a Google Document. Failure to do so will lead to an immediate fail.


If your group meets our requirements, fill out the following application and answer each question with detail. We recommend you to have around 4+ sentences for every question. Present your alliance application in Google Documents and DM any of the PRD members with the link to view it. After you have sent the application to any Public Relations member, patiently waiting for our response. We will make a decision within 48 hours. If you have not received a reply from any Public Relations member, you may DM us.

#1. What is your group name and who is the Owner? Provide your group and communications server link.

#2. How many members do you currently have in your group and communications server? What type of business group is this? (Cafe, bakery, etc.)

#3. Why do you want to form an alliance with Creamise?

#4. How can you benefit Creamise and how can we benefit you?

#5. What are some of your company’s core values? How do these relate to your overall team?

#6. Is there anything your group doesn’t announce? (Applications, etc)

#7. Do you accept the fact that we can end this partnership anytime?

#8. Name two members that will represent your group. They are required to announce our events or announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job at Creamise?

Join the group and go to the Application Center to apply for Trainee. Once you pass your application, attend the next training session to be trained for Cashier or Chef.

How do I become an MR?

Apply when our MR applications are open, or work hard as a Professional and get noticed by a General Manager+.

How many warnings are given to trollers?

Here at Creamise, we give only 1 warning to trollers. If 1 warning is given and they continue, a MR+ will kick him or her.

How many warnings are given to exploiters?

We do not give any warnings to exploiters. The exploiter will be permanently banned from the game by a Manager+.

What do I do if there is a troller/exploiter but there are no MRs?

Go to our communications server and head to #staff-call. Follow the message format and wait for a checkmark reaction.

I want to form an alliance with Creamise! What do I do?

Check out our Alliance Information in the handbook. Make sure you meet our requirements and answer each questions in detail!

I want to develop for Creamise! What do I do?

DM the Chairwoman and send your ROBLOX username, portfolio, and what you develop. There is no 100% you’ll be accepted, but if we decide that your work is what we want your username will be noted down.


Building: aestriah, 1cy_dev

Scripting: devoskar, ilovedoritosss

Contributors: kkixco, Anixesh, br0kenYxung

Special thanks to Lauriqle for helping out with the handbook!




Application Center

Event Center




We hope we have covered all your questions in this handbook. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask us on our communications server!

Last updated: 9th January 2021.

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