Create a Sub-Category for closed/inactive recruitment threads

Due to the sheer number of threads created under the #collaboration:recruitment it can be often difficult looking at threads of interest due to the number of threads that have been closed by the author. Whilst these threads may re-open in the future (sometimes a recruiter may want to suspend their search) or for other various reasons, I’d like to suggest another sub-category under the recruitment section for closed/inactive recruitment threads. That way recruiters could very swiftly suspend or cancel their search simply by moving it into a closed category.

But why?

With this change implanted it would keep the main recruitment section clear and decluttered and enable faster optional employees to faster find their ideal employer or job. Recruiters could simply move their thread out and in of the closed section when they are closed or no longer actively recruiting.

Why not tags?

Previously, I may have suggested the thread tagging system as a way to help things stay tidy in that area - but tags are very personally objective and without “universal” conformity from all members - it doesn’t scale well or work efficiently.

I did, however, want to continue to promote organic and healthy tagging as there are numerous good examples in the recruitment category from recruiters that do continue to use tagging clearly and in a uniform way. I have previously found this very helpful when skimming through for a certain job. By ensuring everyone continues to use tagging healthy it can be easier for people to help find your post in searches such as this

Mark as a solution?

This is possibly another avenue that could be done to signify if a thread is closed (providing the majority would be willing to conform to this)


I feel like this really wouldn’t be used, especially judging by how many people don’t know how to change the category a topic is in and it would be a bit confusing. If I want to go back to a recruitment post I read a few days ago (that I don’t remember the title to), it would be a pain to have to scroll through two category’s recent posts to find it.

If you want to see the most recent open recruitment posts, just search ‘Open’, sort it by latest post, and select the #collaboration:recruitment category.

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I agree; this is definitely an issue.

Maybe the forum could add open & closed as tags? That may make searching easier.

The category suggests that people should do this so I’d be inclined to take that as the solution.

I am not convinced people would remember/take the effort to properly recategorize their topic to a different category, since leaving a reply and marking it as the solution is a similar amount of work and they apparently are not doing that either.

Moreover, more categories means a harder to parse forum.


Normally when I’m no longer accepting offers on a forum post I’ve posted in recruitment, I flag the post and ask for it to be hidden / unlisted.

But I can understand by doing this creates backlog for the staff who review reports, so I don’t know if it’s the most effective way of doing it. But I also don’t know if creating a sub-category would also fix that issue, counting staff would have to move it, right? Or am I wrong? Users can’t move their own posts I believe. So the process would be the same.

Posts in Recruitment are automatically locked after two weeks – no need to ask staff to remove/unlist it.

You’re right, we don’t allow users to move a topic out of a category on their own that has auto-lock timers (i.e. Bulletin Board, Recruitment, …)

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The main issue I had was people would still add me and attempt to discuss the position in the post, even if I did change the title to [No longer hiring] and the post was locked. Which was very annoying, counting I did what I could to make it obvious I was no longer accepting offers on those posts. I’m not sure why people did this, and I wouldn’t say it was like 20 people a day asking to do it, but it wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. People seemed to stop after I had staff unlist the posts.

I don’t know if this is an issue or not to others, but it is with me every time I make a post there (I’ve only made 3 posts so far so take that with a grain of salt LOL - 2 no longer hiring, 1 active tho)

If there was a way to automatically unlist posts about a month of no editing, posting, etc, (or however long you want to make it), I feel like that would everyone happy involved, right? If someone wants to bring it back they can just flag it and ask staff to remove the unlist or something. + It would solve the cluttered feeling OP said they feel.

Don’t get me wrong I would prefer to have the mark as solution be actively used as a way to indicate closed threads, especially considering it can easily be searched and filtered with both in:solved and in:unsolved I just feel it would be harder for people to remember to do as not many people actively do it now.

I know you stated that having a another category would make people possibly be lazy/forget to move the topic but I would argue against that point. I think people would pretty easily be able to remember “not looking anymore, move into the closed section” similar to that of a real website for suspending or pausing job listings (such as indeed, reed) moving a thread from section to another section is a considerably less effort than writing a reply to a thread involving just a few clicks and in general a more “streamlined” workflow.

At the same time I don’t want to completely deny the idea of mark as soultion because it’s something that can be actively done right now, creating a new category is something that would very clearly take some time to accomplish.

Whilst this dilemma is currently going on being able to find quick side jobs is becoming more and more valuable.

Could you elaborate on this slightly further possibly?