Create an Asynchronous edition of MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt

As a developer, it is currently difficult to integrate multiple purchase handlers into a game - all purchase handling must be done from one function.

This is inconvenient in the following use-cases:

  • When another external codebase lays ontop of your system (i.e. you insert a model that can hook up to give admin to a player who buys a dev product live in game - this requires you to reroute if you already have a receipt processor set up)

  • When you run a non-authoritative server setup (this is common of a lot of developers) - some people don’t like centralization for things and want them to run independently for reusability & debugging.

Whilst I personally use a central marketplace handler, this is an unnecessary limitation of developers ability to process items and can lead to less experienced developers implementing insecure or poor workarounds to having different-from-the-ideal codebase setups.


To the best of my knowledge ProcessReceipt is a callback because the return value from it matters. It’s not possible for it to be a signal as a result since the return value from connections is discarded.

Yeah - I was thinking the same thing too.

I’m sure a solution for it could be devised, i.e. turning it asynchronous ( MarketplaceService:MarkPurchaseFinished(key) perhaps, for example)

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Another option would be to add something like a :AddPurchaseCallback(productId, callback) function.

Would essentially work like the current callback, but it’d only get invoked for one particular product.

Should make it easier to handle multiple purchases and solve the issues mentioned above?


Potentially you can use Promises to do this.

I do, however, agree that a signal for this would be useful.

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Yeah, my current system routes all the stuff fine, but I’m looking for a vanilla solution - this is less for me and more for developers who might not understand how these things work. A Developer I worked with yesterday accidentally overwrote our receipt processor and it destroyed our revenue.

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