Create an Graphics Fidelity Property for Rendered Instances

I’m sure that many developers struggle to make the environment fair for people playing on different graphics levels. People playing on the lowest graphics quality may see an object that somebody playing on the maximum quality cannot see, which creates a discrepancy in fairness. There is no way to control how instances are rendered, and thus makes this setback a limitation to a wide variety of developers.

If Roblox is able to add some sort of Graphics Fidelity to instances that could be rendered (lights, base parts, decals, etc.), it would alleviate these problems.

There will be three different options:
Enum.GraphicsFidelity.Max — renders like it’s on max graphics
Enum.GraphicsFidelity.UserChoice (default) — renders on the players graphics level
Enum.GraphicsFidelity.Min — renders like it’s on lowest graphics


I would want this to be a feature honestly! I have some mountains and a ship in my game lobby which do not show up on players with low graphics, yet everyone should be able to see them.

I would also add a render distance for objects maybe?
Enum.GraphicsFidelity.AlwaysRender → Renders at the graphics level of the users, but doesn’t matter how far you are it will always render. (It would fit my use-case)


Cool feature idea. Not sure if it would come to BaseParts since its pretty bloated with properties and im sure Roblox is trying their hardest to not add any more. Models or folders would be a more suitable option. If this does come, I hope it can be modified in game so custom LOD systems can benefit from this.

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