Create Parallax Effect with scrolling 2D decals?

I am trying to create a parallax effect on a flat landscape using several layered beams with landscape elements on each one. The landscape’s layers all scroll at different speeds to simulate depth.

The issue is that I’m finding this to be quite literally impossible all because of Roblox’s horrendous handling of layered textures/decals. Every time I angle the camera in a specific way, some of the beams disappear, flicker between one another, and all sorts of layering issues start occurring.

I have tried messing with z-offset which I feel SHOULD fix my issue, but changing any values around quite literally does nothing. I’m genuinely so frustrated and there’s literally nothing I can do.

I spent several days making hand drawn layers and went to actually put them to use in studio and all my work has just gone down the drain because TO THIS DAY Roblox refuses to fix transparencies and layered image objects.
How many more years of this am I supposed to endure to get the most basic functionality? Its amazing that were so behind on fixing these simplest issues.

IS there anything I can do to get around this problem somehow? I have to be able to create this effect without the use of scripts or anything of the like.

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Sorry if I may ask, but I quite don’t understand the context a bit. Can you show the video of the problem if possible?