Created a few GFX. I want feedback

Hello! How is it going? I created some of my first GFX’s, and I could really use feedback.

This first one is my Social media profile picture. I currently only use it for Discord, but I will put it everywhere else once I believe its good:

This second one is for my racing game, Bloxy Kart. I don’t have it released yet because I want to do a few more, and upload them at the same time.

This third one is also for Bloxy Kart. Same thing, don’t want to release it until you believe it is truly ready.

This fourth one is also for Bloxy Kart. It is the game icon.

If you want to point anything out, please let me know.

Here are all of the Software and websites I used

I will constantly update this topic when I create new ones.

Thanks for reviewing my GFX! If you known some other software or other websites, please know, I use macOS.
Sincerely, WE


Editing is very clean, but you should use a rig (basically make it in blender with a rig instead of studio)

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Do you know of any tutorials that can help me use Blender?

This video helped me get started with gfx. ROBLOX: How to Make Gfx | Blender 2.8 [Rendering] - YouTube