Creating a Dev Team to Create a Community

Recruiting Developers

Hi I am recruiting to create a development team that would like to partake in being apart of a Napoleonic/Victorian style Naval and Trade Based Community.

Community Backstory

The World of Polaria is a world set during a time between the age of sail and steam where 4 nations( Albion, Gaul, Columbia, Tyrel) are always trading and going to war against each other. Community members can join one of the 4 nations military forces and civil Society or start their own Trading Company.

There will be no payment for Devs, we are looking for people that would want to create and be apart of this community, none of us are in it for the money. If this is not you please keep moving.

Team and Open Positions
Shipwright and Lore Master- SirElioPerlman
Lead Scripter- XenithMoon23
Uniform and Outfit Creator- Open
Secondary Scripter- poopnugget142
Architect- Open
GFX Creator- Open

Contact me on Discord if your interested: ElioPerlman#1232


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