Creating a discord, how to work with Webhooks/Integrations

Hello Everyone! I’m creating a Roblox Community based upon the United States Army.

I was in need of some help created Embeded messages with Discord linked up to my Roblox game. If someone could help me please HELP ME!!! Hehe. Thank you guys!

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You can use the http service to send webhooks

I do know that, but I need to know the things or any articles that can help me create a Webhook but embeded.

I cannot explain this to you right now because I cannot get to studio. There are tutorials on google on how to send embeds.

I’ve tried looking in Google many many times, but the YouTube Tutorial’s and stuff cannot help with me.

This is how I do it for Embeds.

I Convert the Embed JSON to a Lua table.

And try to make it readable.

You can do it like this Example

local DiscordWebhook = ''

function PostToDiscord()
    local embeds = {
                ["title"] = "Example Title",
                ["description"] = "Example Description"
    game:GetService("HttpService"):PostAsync(DiscordWebhook, game:GetService("HttpService"):JSONEncode(embeds))