Creating a large amount of objects with minimal lag

I’m currently working on a game where essentially, players emit particles and each particle is counted as part of a global statistic. Players can upgrade how quickly this particle is emitted, which can lead to a lot of particles being emitted at once by multiple players. I want to optimize this so that it looks good, but doesn’t hit the particle limit or lag games too badly.
The problem I have is when too many people are emitting particles, I hit the limit of particles and the effect is essentially nullified because there are big gaps in the particle emitter. I’m trying to find a solution to maintain a similar amount of particles but cut down on the bugs
I considered only showing the particles that are being emitted to the player, but the different types of particles that players can buy will matter a little less.
Obviously I can lower the amount of particles that are emitted, but the sense of progression doesn’t stay when the amount of particles are decreased.
I tried using parts instead, which does not have the same issue of skipping particles, but it does lag the game when the same amount of particles are being emitted.

Any feedback is appreciated.