Creating a Motor6D for tool

I’m trying to connect the humanoidrootpart and a part of a tool together in a Motor6D. I got it to create it upon tool equip, but when it’s made, the part gets moved straight to the rootpart.


How can I properly make the Motor6D and keeping it from moving away from the handle?

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You can use a Animation to put that part where it needs to be when you equip the tool. Animations control motor6d’s, so you could easily put it exactly where it needs to be. Just create an animation with that part as part of the rig, then :Play() it when the tool is equipped, and :Stop() it when the tool is Unequipped.

I feel like that would be a bit jankey. It would be able to mirror a player’s idle, running, etc animations. I’d have to manually animate it to look like it matches.

If you don’t want to hold a specific pose, why don’t you just connect the part with a “Weld”, instead of a “Motor6d”?

Because the animation was made in blender and blender cant animate welds.

The rig doesn’t work. I’m just going to make a new one and redo the animation.

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