Creating a NEW Team


Hello, I am Aensvey a Builder on Roblox for about 4 years and I have always wanted to create games on Roblox hence why I’m gathering people to help since I can’t do everything myself. Upon getting a full team we will then get ideas for a possible game and then vote for which we would all like to do so that we can all enjoy what we are making and create the best possible game we can.

The Team

@Aensvey - Owner & Building/Scripting Support
@TrustWorthyguy1985 - Builder
@FriendlyBuilder24 - Scripter
@username - UI Designer
@lkeshl - GFX Artist


Every member of the team will keep their payout forever and it will not be changed unless a game we have created reaches 300+ players I will add 5% onto everyone’s group payout.

Builder - 15%
Scripter - 20%
UI Designer - 8%
GFX Artist 8%

Note that you will not only receive profit from the games we create but also anything else we decide to sell whether it be Game passes, Clothing or whatever it might be.

Contact Me

You can contact me on Discord (13+) at Aensvey#2799 please have your portfolio ready and other examples of your work. Thanks for reading!


I think you should change the %.

Scripters normally get 30-35%
Builders normally get like 20-35%


They both have less because I will be doing some Scripting and Building which means they would be doing less.

Well you did state “Lead”.

From what you just said, looks like you’re the lead.


I said I would do some of it, but they are still doing the majority like designing and all I would be doing is helping them out.

May we see a backup payment?


There isn’t a backup payment. If the game fails then we would move onto the next project. The only payment is from the % you get and if you don’t like that you don’t have to apply.

I would not work here then. If the project fails from all our hard work we still need to be paid! You better get a backup payment.

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