Creating a realistic looking scene with PBR on Roblox

A Tutorial about Realistic Game Design on Roblox Platform

before we get started we need to install a few things

in this Tutorial im gonna use free models to make the work more easy for me but 100% you can make you own if you have the abillty to it

we will need to use PBR, Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) is an approach for materials and rendering that creates more accurate and predictable results than previous game rendering techniques, and works very well with dynamic lighting conditions (like time-of-day).

Warning you can’t play your game in the roblox player program after

an answer on this questin is because PBR is a beta thing and has not BEEN ADDED TO ROBLOX PLAYER YET

  1. roblox studio that allows us to use PBR choose the program that works with your pc

  1. Quixel is made by epic games this is for the UE4 Engine but you can also use it for roblox after you signed up you will need to choose some asstes for your game

choose Surfaces for ground textures when you found a texture you want to use click on download settings

this is the standart download settings

in the Resolution choose 2K and only use Albedo and Nomal and Roughness after you are done with that hit the download button and find a place to place the texture

after thats done we will now open the beta roblox studio

after you opened it choose a new baseplat for the game do not push the game it has to be private

right click and press the button add assets after you did that you need to find the folder where you placed the textures we just downloaded

choose all the images but not the review.png bc this useless for us ok when you are done with that create a new brick

we will need to use the SurfaceAppearance in order to make it look realistic.

place Albedo in the colormap and place Normal in the Normal map place Rughtness in the Rughtness

here is the texture now we will need to work on lighting

find a skybox that works for u

add some terrian

here is our lighting settings. ColorShift_Bottom is used for shadow colors Out doorAmbient is used for the main resource of OutDoor lighting ShadowSofness is used for how soft you want to shadows to be 1 = clear 0 = blur ExposureCompsation

This property determines the exposure compensation amount which applies a bias to the exposure level of the scene prior to the tonemap step. Defaults to 0.

  • A value of +1 indicates twice as much exposure and -1 means half as much exposure.
  • A value of 0 indicates no exposure compensation will be done.
  • Range: -5 to 5

we also want to change the fog color to give it a rainy look

as showen here you see a forest with alot of fog and rainy look

we will also change the bloom, BloomEffect creates the effect of a camera viewing very bright light. It causes brighter colors to glow, similar to applying the Neon Material to everything, including the the Sky . Multiple BloomEffect objects can be used at the same time; doing so can further strengthen the result. Like other post-processing effects.

we want it as higt as possible to make sure the we don’t see the end of the road

blur is not importen but it can be used to remove some details

now we need to use ColorCorrectionEffect,

Saturation determines the change in intensity of pixel colors. Values above 1 will have cause colors to be more vivid, while values below 0 will make colors more dull, eventually reaching grayscale at -1. By default, this value is 0 (no change). Although any float value can be entered for this property, only values in the range [-1, 1] have defined behavior.

i will skip a bit in the process and i will also add some rain to it and add a car and Decoration and a few more plants

now we simple just need to add trees

and here is the game

i played with the RoughtnessScale and changed it form 1 to 0.66 to give it a wet look

download the game link:

this Tutorial is form my blog read it here


Thanks for the tutorial, it helped!


Nice tutorial! I’ll use this in a showcase once it’s out of beta.


Bruh this is pretty good. The first image is amazing and that’s what I’m trying to acheave more than the tutorial ones is there certain tricks for the terrain specifically?

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:100:/ :100: I’m looking forward to do this

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What is the resolution for your textures?


He already mentioned it in the topic.


when i make terrain i all time draw it first and then make a plan for it but i can go make a tutorial on that too

terrian is really easy don’t be scared to use meshs or to try new things you will see improves

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you can also use 4k but roblox don’t take colormap in 4k

2k or 4k is not big improvs if u play with it you will see what i mean

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The only thing I can think of using meshes on terrain is using rock meshes but it usually turns out weird for me. Maybe a tutorial will help

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you want a tutorial only about rocks?

my eyes are pleased today. this is looking amazing

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No I was saying the only way I can think of making mountains/hills and terrain is using rock meshes to make the shapes and look of the terrain.

Quick advice, Quixel Megascans is just for U4 use according to their licence, if you want to use it for other platforms you will have to pay a suscription, from my experience i suggest just using custom textures from Substance.


Can we use materialize too???

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Thanks alexxk, now I can improve my project! btw nice tutorial

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thanks this why i made this tutorial im glad that it can improve peoples games

ya you can use materialize too but this is not great yet

substance cost money ya i know u can use it free for a limit time

you sould used 3dmax or blender or maya whatever you use you should modiling them by your self