Creating a working and realistic government budget system


I am looking how it would be possible to create a working and realistic government budget system. This would imply that there would be taxes on products and wealth and would require the use of a datastore. I’ve heard that it can no longer be done with the use of Trello, but can we use anything else to replicate a budget system?

How would you proceed to do so. Is it even possible in Roblox right now?

Thank you for your response, good day.


You do this using Datastore? It’s possible to do so too.

You could use Trello, but in reality, it’s not database and it’s not meant to be used as one. As @sloss2003 said, you could use a Datastore when starting out. If you’re looking for a larger alternative, you could use something like MongoDB, but that would require a lot of extra work. For now, you should use DataStoreService since it’s a lot easier to set up and there are many more tutorials on it.


Trello is not intended for database purposes. I am good friends with @nstrike159 [the creator of the TAPI], and his API key was banned due to spam. They also said a good majority of their requests come from Roblox. It’s not a good idea to use it for much of anything other than its intended purposes. Keeping track of tasks.

If you do intend going to the server route, I suggest using MySQL, and Node. Non-relational databases can be tricky for new developers.

But, I’m with @SS4PPHIRE on saying, go for Datastore first.