Creating an R6 hitbox for an R15 character

Hello Fellow Developers,
I’m trying to create a custom animation system, and that is going perfectly fine. However to avoid RNG with animations, I have decided to attempt to create an R6 hitbox, compatible with an R15 rig.

How would I go about doing this? And would it affect performance?

Thanks in advance!

One way you could do this is by creating limb instances and welding them to the shoulder, root part (or lower torso), and upper leg. It should work fine if done correctly.

A standard R6 rig is 4 studs in width, 6 studs in height and 1 stud in depth. Anything in these dimensions would work for a hurtbox or a hitbox. You can choose to represent them as actual parts or as reference data for where your positions will be (e.g. Region3 with applied offsets to each corner).

One thing that is consistent between R6 and R15 rigs is the HumanoidRootPart, the absolute truth when it comes to Humanoid avatars. You should be able to use this to your advantage, as they are in the same location and size for both rig types.