Creating cutscenes locally?

Is this possible with a local script? Basically loading an entire scene only for the client so no one else in the server sees it. Idk if there might be a better way at achieving this let me know.


You can use local scripts to create cutscenes, or you could make use of remote events to fire the event to the client. I’m bad at explaining these things, sorry. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I believe you could do that since forever, most of the functions, for instance,
LoadAnimation() on a NPC that you loaded via the Toolbox should work, on the local summon, you still have a intact Humanoid ready to be used.

I have cutscene animations and several camera plans solely based on localscripts, no issue mentionned about animations not loading for 500,000 users.


Awesome that’s what I figured. In the past I believe people would load humanoids and everything into the local Camera. Now that we have FilteringEnabled I believe I could load it into workspace with a local script and be fine right?

ooh yea animations was fairly rare, so i don’t quite remember how it used to be,

Animation is a “instance”, and you only need to select that instance that contains the AnimationId
and choose which Humanoid holds it

example = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.AnAnimation)

source : LoadAnimation

and you can use the variable “example” to use existing controls to toggle the animation, listed here :
info : AnimationTrack

:Play(), :Stop() and AdjustSpeed is all you need to get started.

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