Creating my own "text to speech" engine against the rules?

what if i was just to somehow create a “text to speech” engine using audio that is stored in some folder. containing letter vowels and Consonant

somewhat like thes
	local text = chat
	script.Parent.MainText.Text = ("")
	for i = 1, #text do
		script.Parent.MainText.Text = string.sub(text, 1, i)

and for each letter, a sound with the respective Consonant or vowel will play

but before i actually start working on it, is it against roblox’s rules in some way?

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Basically, Roblox has rules about using third-party software and tools, so you should make sure your “text to speech” project doesn’t violate any of those rules. If you’re using audio files, make sure you got them legally and aren’t breaking any copyright laws. Also, Roblox doesn’t allow any software that messes with the game client or game data, so watch out for that too. If you’re not sure if your project is allowed, you might want to ask Roblox support or a lawyer just to be safe.

Make sure to keep all of it on the server so clients can’t exploit it and mess things up.

If the script HAS to be used by the clients, always filter the text through TextService:FilterStringAsync() in case a localscript that isn’t supposed to be there used it.

its only going to be a synthisizer. i dont think consonants/vowels sound effects would be copyright

He probably meant that the source you are getting the sounds from owns copyright on them