Creating new table in game

I know the normal way is to create local variable first and do table.insert , but is there a way to create a table from in game, so it can be unlimited, because let’s say like we’re making the local variable first in the script. Let’s say we do local a , b , c , d= {} , {}, {}, {} we can only have max 4 tables. Is there a way to make like unlimited tables. Sorry if this question is kinda stupid.

There are a tonne of ways to do this. You could make a while loop and continually add tables to a table:

local tab = {}
while wait(.1) do

That is discouraged. You should always just store everything in a table, even tables in tables. If you still want to try, you can use getfenv:

local env = getfenv()
env.a = {}
env.b = {}
env.c = {}
--et cetera
a[1] = 1
print(a[1]) --> 1