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Hello there, I am (user) and I am a (Artist,Builder,Scripter or whatever you are doing) and I sell things to the roblox community. Thanks for coming to my portfolio!

You can view my work below.

I am avalible from 0:00am to 0:00pm on weekdays and 0:00am to 0:00pm on weekends. I can always find more time to fit you in if needed.

I accept Robux as payment for my work. Here are my prices:
Icon: 50 - 75 :robux_light:
Thumbnail: 100 :robux_light:
Logos: 100 :robux_light:
Premuim logos: 150 :robux_light:

You can contact me on the DevFourm, on roblox. or youtube!
Youtube: Halloween Shark
Devfourm: messages
roblox: joins on

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