Creating Realistic Trees

I’ve recently been getting into making realistic maps and terrain but I’d like to create realistic trees. I just need some tips or tricks on how to start creating realistic trees.


I’d suggest trying to use blender, I looked up a tutorial on blender trees and I found this.

I hope this helps.


Tip: Don’t use textures for the leaves. Use induvidual parts.


Also keep in mind there is a triangle limit when importing things on roblox studio.

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It’s either you are aware of this or you’re going to get an error message that closes studio. Make sure to auto-save and yeah please please be aware of the triangle limit.

There are many methods for getting this to work.

Of course you can use blender and create a tree. Then make two meshes, one for the log and one for the leaves. Textures arent required but it does help the esthetic.

If you don’t want to use blender you can always try basic parts, negating unions, etc.

Although with unions comes limits, collisions, and poly count that can be more restrictive and memory consuming.

The best solution is to simply use blender to create a mesh tree with textures. Just make sure your poly count isin’t too wacky. There’s many tutorials for creating things on blender if you don’t know how so you should be all set.

(And of course, there’s nature sets that you can get in free models but I doubt you’d want to do it.)

Good luck.