Creating soft bodies, ragdolls and more [CONCEPT]

My concept is to have multiple rigid parts the link with bones of a mesh

bone.WorldPosition = part.Position

The above script shows how to change a bones position

Each bone should have a unanchored part related to it.

With enough work you can make a ragdoll by connecting each bone, It would look weird to set this up with facial animations & dynamic head.

In depth:

A softbody has a sturdy base, using it as a rigid part will work, all the parts connect to each other like springs, of course this will be laggy but can be achieved.

To add sturdiness increase each parts size allowing it to be more distanced from each other.

In tech demos like unity’s they show how shooting a bullet creates a hole, this will take a lot of bones & parts. I am thinking of a way to generate bones and reduce lag.

The current result is not laggy at all.

Make sure the parts are unanchored by the way.

Sorry if this is not a useful enough topic, I just wanted to share my concept.


I suck at writing, If you don’t understand anything please ask.

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This really isn’t a tutorial and should probably be put into developer discussion or something different.

Why isn’t this a tutorial?:
It’s because it doesn’t teach us anything, it’s just a post saying “it’d be cool if x existed” which has nothing to do with tutorials.

I agree, you should move it to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support since #resources:community-tutorials is for tutorials that people are showcasing for other people to follow.