Creation Feedback for my new creation

guys need a feedback on how my Capture the Flag map doing for my Minigame
Called “Blox Minigames”

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Not bad! But the trees in the top left corner seem a little curved

Oof sorry bout that ill fix that

Those Maps are for my new game inspired by Simulator Category

It looks very free modeled and bland.
Does not have any modern roblox aspects, the terrain is flat and there’s absolutely nothing to decorate the bases. The size is also absurd for 4 teamed PvP games.
Overall rating would be 3/10.

love it great job man!! :raised_hands: if you want to go back and change some things think about these:

  • make trees more random instead of one type of tree in one specific spot
  • add some more depth to the walls
  • use less saturated colours with the advanced colours (to make it blend a bit better)
  • add some decorations to the spawns

don’t worry about how the outside of it looks and if the outside doesn’t match up cause nobody sees that anyways

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Thank you for the Advice @GamingBoy113

uh…what seems to be the Problem for my map @Megalodox_Official ? pls tell me so i can fix it

  1. Too small.
  2. No Landscape.
  3. Lack of decorations.
  4. Trees placed unatually.
  5. Totally empty bases.

Oh ok thanks for your feedback ill try to fix that