Creative Commons Attributions for ARA - 41

This post was made for ARA - 41
Developed by @deadmarines’s Special Containment Procedures Foundation

Content relating to the SCP Foundation and its authors are licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and are listed below

  • SCP-002 by unknown
  • SCP-005 by unknown
  • SCP-008 by unknown
  • SCP-009 by Chameleon X
  • SCP-012 by unknown
  • SCP-049 by Gabriel Jade and Djkaktus
  • SCP-096 by Dr Dan
  • SCP-106 by Dr Gears
  • SCP-131 by Lt Masipag
  • SCP-173 by Moto42
  • SCP-294 by far2
  • SCP-323 by unknown
  • SCP-330 by Dr Kondraki
  • SCP-457 by agatharights
  • SCP-714 by Arcalane
  • SCP-914 by Dr Gears
  • SCP-963 by Adminbright
  • SCP-990 by Dave Rapp

Content which is NOT licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 is listed below

Subject to change with additions to ARA - 41
Last updated, 8/11/2020

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