Cremé | Promotion Guide

Cremé | Promotion Guide


This promotion guide is designed to assist all ranks on getting promoted in Cremé. If you read through this guide, you will be promoted to your desired rank in no time!

LR Promotion Guide

To be promoted from Prominent Customer, you must fill out an application at our application center here (You will be ranked instantly.)

To be promoted Junior Barista and begin working, you have to attend trainings that are hosted every day here at the designated times.

From there on you can collect points by serving customers (then go attend trainings.) and get promoted that way or you can always attend trainings here!


  • Barista - 250 Points.
  • Experienced Barista - 750 Points.

MR Promotion Guide

To be promoted from Experienced Barista to Assistant Supervisor, you must show that you can handle all the duties of an MR. Such as handling trollers at the café, being active in the group and helping out you fellow co-workers or even the customers!

To be promoted higher, you should host a lot of shifts, be as active as possible, and show a professional and show mature attitude in the community.

HR Promotion Guide
The very same info from the MR promotions applies to HR promotions.

Bonus tip on getting promoted (applies to all ranks)

  • Assisting at GRP sessions
    I will host GRP sessions almost every day, if you come and assist me on recruiting members, you may get a promotion!


Thank you for reading this promotion guide, if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact a member of staff.

Approved by Cremé HR’s.