Crescent Studios is now HIRING! (Close)

About Us

Hello! Crescent-Studios is now hiring a Builder who can make low poly map and a scripter who have know how to script PVP games.


I will be a Gui Designer and a Builder.
@you - Builder
@you - Scripter
@you - Mesh Maker

About The Job

We need builders to help me build interiors, buildings and the map. (Low-Poly Builders only). Scripters will be scripting Superpowers and more info will be given will be in the DMs. Mesh Maker will create swords and more info will be given in the DMs.


Our game needs to be finished in 5 months.


I am paying in percentage.
Builder: 25%
Scripter: 25%
Me: 25%
Mesh Maker: 25%

Contact Me

Contact Me: Kenny_Ronin#8671

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


any backup payment? for all jobs? but specifically for builders?

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im thinking abt it but yes there will be

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Hey I could be a builder Skittles#5202

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