Critique my game

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to gain some feedback and constructive criticism on one of my games. This is the first game I have opened up for public play and it is still in development. If you have issues in the game please detail them in your replies to this topic and I’ll do my best to address them. Be gentle…

Some tips for playing:

  • Racers are ready when they put up their ready flag.
  • The Drift button: [PC] - Left Shift, [Mobile] - Touch Btn
  • The Glowing spheres are random boosters (Shield, Oil Slick, Speed, Missiles)

Known Issues:

  • Minor GUI and Control Issues on Xbox console.
  • Flipping over, resetting character, takes you out of the race.
  • Minor control lag at times.

The car is kinda hard to control. Theres a bit delay when i try to turn right or left. For the build and map, its kinda empty and dark. The spawn is kinda too far from the building and it takes forever to walk towards where youre going. The race track is kinda dull. You can see the edge of the map. You need more lights. Maybe add a crowd thats cheering on the side. Also add background music so its not just the sound of the engine players hear while playing.

If you want this to be successful, make it unique. Maybe add an accent to it or an aesthetic just to make it more interesting.


Thank you for the feedback. Background music is a particularly good suggestion. I do plan on making bigger more detailed maps. Right now I’m focusing on getting the game mechanics sorted; race timers, tracking positions, flow between lobby and track, car controls, GUIs etc… I also want to track racer stats with datastores and have racer rankings.

I love the cars Handling, but most of the aesthetics can be improved.

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There is a mobile button that doesn’t work.

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the car model that you used has very bad controls, the building kit that you used to make the big building is very simple and the lights dont fill the entire thing up, and maybe a bit around the shop could be added

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Are you certain it isn’t working @OfficialAjoeb? That button is for activating the cars drift feature. I did notice the button could be in a better location though.

I didn’t know it was for that. Maybe you can add a text so that the players know.

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Thanks for your feedback @blueCoolDude26. The car controls are being looked into. Believe it or not I did run through several versions of the cars. I originally started out using the hover style mechanics with the cars but it was just incompatible with other game code and I just didn’t really care for it. Was it that the controls were laggy? That has been a common concern. Also I have not put much effort at all into the maps, I really wanted to nail down the game mechanics before I put crazy effort into aesthetics.

Thanks everyone for your feedback thus far it has been very helpful. I will be locking the game back up on 5/24 (end of day) so I can implement the remainder of the game content and features. If anyone would like to give the game a test run and provide any more feedback please do so before 5/24. Thanks again everyone.

                         **The Game + My Thoughts!**

I tested your game, and I gotta say this is impressive! The maps were pretty well made, but I would like obstacles put into the race rather than just item boxes. I really thought the item boxes were really creative and they were pretty good. You should add more, because I encountered only 3. I really like the carts you made, they were well made and they were on point.

                     **Glitches or Improvements**

With the carts added, I noticed there was a bit of a delay while turning or moving in a direction. When you move in a direction or want to move a little bit, it takes up to 1-2 seconds to do that. Something I also saw was where before the race even began, I was placed 6th even though I was the only person in the server and I was on the 1st person spot. Another thing I noticed is the missiles that are used do not go away once used, if you’re soloing a race and get that specific item and use it, it does not go away until it impacts you. The missiles keep bouncing around the map, maybe have them explode upon impact with a wall or something. I also noticed when the race was finished, my name was not correct, as it put “Emskipo” instead of masonf57.

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Thanks for the feedback Mason. You have given me some great suggestions and critiques I really appreciate that. I am definitely addressing the control lag issue, I have a solution in mind for optimizing it hopefully that corrects it. The missiles not going away was intentional, it actually took me awhile to make it work lol. The idea was that it would push racers to aim missiles wisely because if it doesn’t hit another player it could end up hitting them. I could limit the amount of time they linger though. Tyvm for pointing out the GUI bugs, I did not notice them at all, I’ll get those sorted.

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