Critique Needed | Clothing

Something I made! I’m looking for critique on my shading and outline.

Also I’m new to DevForum, If I made any mistakes with the topics or anything please let me know!

[I would post on my main but I’m not a member on it yet.] Also look at the file name and please listen to it haha.


Me personally, I really like it! Great job and keep up the great work!:upside_down_face::+1:


Wow, it looks just like the reference. However, maybe you can intensify the shading a bit more. Since there isn’t a lot of shading in the reference picture, I’d just add more to make it look even better. But it’s up to you. Overall, it looks really good.


@CloudyCloset_Holder, 10/10, you need a critique though so I will have to point out the small details

Critique time:

1: You need to put a bit more shading onto it, like shadows etc
2: Nothing

Good job!


Thanks for the critique! I’ll keep that in mind the next time I make a clothing design. :smiley:

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Thanks for the critique, I’ll remember that for the next time!


Redid this a bit ago!


For sure improved lots! Very nice job, you took the advice.

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The improvement amazed me a lot! The wrinkles are just WOW. The only critique I have for this is to make the shading on the skirt blend in more (turn down the opacity a bit maybe?) And make the back areas of the skirt darker so it can look more like a pleat (folds.) Other than that, everything is very good!

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