Cross-Server MatchMaking Memory Issues

Good afternoon developers,

A game I am taking part in developing requires a match-making mechanic with parties and region-based queue. For the sake of increased competitiveness we have decided 100% to go with a cross-server approach for creating parties and queueing them.

The current method we have been relying on so far is to use Memory Service to send information across servers, a few examples of information sent is the player’s name when someone leaves or joins, the region they are playing under, the game mode they have selected, and their invite preferences.

This method requires storing a large amount of value objects, mostly string objects, in a folder under Replicated Storage, we predict the amount of objects to not exceed a few thousand max; however, although I do not lag in studio or in-game while testing with this many objects under Replicated Storage we have decided that it is not optimal and not performant, Memory stats average 1500 MB.

Although this is not the common approach to listing out large sets of data I couldn’t help but find it quick to test and easy to visualize, bear with me for relying on this as long as I did. The primary benefit of doing this is to allow players to type in usernames to invites players and having an AutoFill textbox which visualized names found in the list.

It is not a scripting problem which requires bug-fixing but merely a recommendation of scripting methodology which we are looking for.

Are there any suggestions you may have for us to store and send large amounts of information like this and receive it on the Client?

Thank you!