Cross Server Matchmaking

Hello Ive been working on a heist game and am currently stuck on creating a Cross server matchmaking system to connect players. I have various game modes that require a system like this.

I dont want to use messaging service due to its limitations, and instead want to use http service with an external service.

I wanted to know if anyone knows how to implement/thoughts on long polling (keeping a connection open until a value is available) using a service such as firebase.

Also would it be best to use cloud functions to deal with the matchmaking or would it be better to directly write to the real time database?

If anyone is experienced in this and is open for commissions please feel free DM me.

All help is appreciated!

If you are asking for help on making one, that’s not allowed on DevForum. You have to provide us with code. If you are looking to commission people, I think recruitment or portfolios would be better

Firebase has worse limitation as you can have only 20 servers listening at any one time.

I don’t believe this is possible due to Roblox’s 500 request limit.