Crouching animation work but player cant pass in small places

crouching animation works but the player cant pass in small places already tried setting can collide to false or change the networkowner

Hidden since bug is fixed

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if possible, could you please show a video or GIF representing this issue? It could possibly be that you are attempting to pass through an invisible/transparent part.

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Gravação de Tela 2023 01 12 às 15 16 31 - YouTube

When testing select all your character’s Parts/Hats/items in the Explorer window (NOT the player folder) and it should show you the hitboxes of each item.
You might find that one of them sticks up still depending on how your Animation is set up.

Also from what I’ve read I think player’s CanCollide resets every frame so check that while testing to see if your parts/items are still CanCollide false.

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Soluction made a while loop wrapped in a coroutine to set can collide to false

I think I read that I read it should also be RenderStepped instead of normal frames so lag won’t affect it.

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I tried renderstepped but dont worked kk

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