Crumble updates log 18/03/2018

Massive update released 18/03/18


  • Added global level leaderboard to the lobby
  • Added settings which include an AFK button and a mute music button
  • Added a new map, Mountain Adventures.
  • Added a new map, Lab Insanity
  • Added a new map, Hexagon Madness
  • Added dozens of new items in the shop
  • Added new lobby music
  • Added music for each map
  • Added gamepasses to the game shop
  • Added badges that you can get for completing each map.
  • Took the game off paid access
  • Moved the coin amounts to the bottom bar, making it visibly easier to see and more efficient.
  • Levels are now fully working, you level up by winnning rounds
  • Disabled menu when in round

Bug Fixes (Please tell us if you encounter these again)

  • Fixed bug where you would spawn off the castle map
  • Fixed bug where you would spawn on the roof of the castle map
  • Fixed bug where you would go through the map when you spawned on highway and castle
  • Fixed bug where you would get the round speed in the lobby if you joined during the countdown.
  • Maps are now way lot easier for new players, we will be implementing a difficulty system soon.

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