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Welcome to Crunchyz! :lollipop::cupcake:
Owned by brokenpIanets & afraidkil

Crunchyz is a multi-traditional dessert island offering a breath-taking menu full of refreshing and tasty items to end your meal. We seek to create an immersive and welcoming player experience built to long-last in your memory, whilst creating an enjoyable roleplay experience for everyone. Our group was originally established in 2020, however we reconstructed and brought back operations in 2023.

Table of Contents

Staff Information

In order to become an official staff member, you need to join the main group and join the application center. You will be set in a quick interview where you have the option to skip and be given the Awaiting Training rank or answer a series of questions about your new position. Once you have successfully passed, you will need to attend a training sessions hosted by our management team.

When you become an official staff member, you are able to receive a promotion to your next rank through our training center training center. To view the times scheduled for trainings please go to session information.

Novice Island Staff ➜ Pass Training or Kitchen Leader gamepass.
Island Staff ➜ Pass Training or Kitchen Leader gamepass.
Skilled Island Staff ➜ Pass Training or Kitchen Leader gamepass.
Kitchen Leader ➜ Pass Training or Kitchen Leader gamepass.


All staff members are required to follow all guidelines that are established in all premises. Failure to abide by the regulations that were provided will result in a general reminder following with a warning and a possible demotion from our management team. Consequences vary depending on the offense that was displayed and will be discussed with the team. For more information about our regulations, feel free to contact any available management member.

Rank Gamepass

If you purchase a rank gamepass and fail to abide by Crunchyz’s regulations it will result with a temporary server ban. If you have a long-term history of punishment it will result in a permanent ban from all premises. We do not issue refunds if you fail to behave properly and respect the atmosphere. If there are any rank issues, message a management member.

Session Information

Training sessions are hosted by our management team and regularly updated in our public board. It is recommended to join the training center 15 minutes prior to the starting time. All times that is according to your time zone can be shown below.

  • 12 AM EST // 5 AM GMT
  • 3 AM EST // 8 AM GMT
  • 6 AM EST // 11 AM GMT
  • 9 AM EST // 2 PM GMT
  • 12 PM EST // 5 PM GMT
  • 3 PM EST // 8 PM GMT
  • 6 PM EST // 11 PM GMT
  • 9 PM EST // 2 AM GMT

All Trainees need at least 2/4 points to pass the session otherwise they will be dismissed. You are able to skip the whole training session by buying the Kitchen Leader gamepass.

Alliance Information

Crunchyz has set expectations for our affiliates. If you are interested in affiliating with us, please thoroughly familiarize yourself with our requirements before submitting an application! All information within your group regarding these requirements will be background-checked, so be sure you are being open and honest when applying to ally with us.

Alliance Requirements

  • At least 800 Members in your ROBLOX group.
  • At least 300 Members in your Communications Server.
  • Zero engagement in the selling of Management Staff+ ranks.
  • Must be within the same field of industry as Crunchyz (i.e. restaurant, bakery, cafe). We are additionally able to make exceptions for clothing groups.
  • At least two members able to represent on behalf of your group.
  • An active, well-maintained ROBLOX group and Discord server.
  • Drama-free, unproblematic, and professional atmosphere.
  • Able to announce Crunchyz events and collaborate with Crunchyz on events.

Alliance Application

  • Tell us about the direction your group is going in long-term.
  • What specific qualities of your group would contribute to maintaining a successful partnership with Crunchyz?
  • Are there any specific aspects of Crunchyz that your group finds particularly appealing?
  • What are the ROBLOX usernames and Discord usernames of your group representatives?
  • Did you thoroughly read over our Affiliate requirements or had an exception request approved?
  • Link your ROBLOX group and Communications Server invite.
Promotion Guide

If you are interested in joining our management team, there are tips and information for staff members to keep in mind. The Staff Management Department are consistently looking for active and hardworking staff members that keep our game running and our community members safe.


  • Must be a Kitchen Leader or own the Kitchen Leader gamepass.
  • Must not have safe chat.
  • Account age must be above 90 days.
  • Must be verified in the community server.
  • Must display good activity at the restaurant.
  • Must have a good reputable background.


  • Aim for at least 30 minutes at the restaurant daily.
  • Quality > Quantity - service skills is what Crunchyz is looking for.
  • Avoid asking or hinting about a promotion; it will severely decrease promotion chances.
  • Stay positive; everyone will have their chance whenever they are ready.
  • Engage with the community when shifts or minigames occur.

Helpful Links

:link: Roblox Group
:link: Discord Server
:link: Main Game

We appreciate your time on getting to know more about Crunchyz. If you have any additional information, you are able to contact a member of the Executive Team+. We hope you enjoy your time and experience in our establishment.