Cryptocurrency exchange

Hello there,

im not sure if its correct category, last time I read the rules of roblox but still im not sure for one. Will i get banned for game about topic “cryptocurrency”? There will be scripted cryptocurrency exchange inside game, What if it’s gambling in roblox rules? What do you think?

As long as you follow the rules for currencies in games, what you name your currencies won’t matter. Current Roblox rules state that you can’t make any gambling system in your game which works with Robux or an in game currency that can be purchased with Robux. So, the name of the currency doesn’t really matter. What matters is if that currency can be used in a way that Roblox rules don’t allow.


This category is for asking questions/reporting bugs about the forums themselves. I think the right category for this would be #development-support:design-support, but it might be #development-discussion. You can move this topic by pressing the pencil next to your original post.