Crystal Ball I made. In blender and Studio

Hello! My name is RainbowStachio, and recently I made this cool crystal globe of a noob running, kind of like how in the movies it projects an image of something. I have 2 versions.

V1 of it. Here you can see I have a flipped normal sphere around the glass, making is seem a bit more magical, as you can see in, but you cannot see out.

V2 of it. This doesn’t have the flipped noraml sphere, so you can see through it. Nothing else is changed.

Please give your feedback :slight_smile:

Which do you like more, V1 or V2?

  • Version 1
  • Version 2

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holy crap, imagine that being a UGC hat


I didn’t think about it like that! Would be cool.

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it would also sell for a lot because people love that type of stuff lol.

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It looks pretty good, i recommend you to make the glass sphere more transparent, and maybe remove the black outlines from the bubbles, but the mesh/hat/crystal ball looks very good, i like it :+1:

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It looks really good but , maybe you can make a tree In Blender and put it in it ( make it small lol )

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It’s neat! I really like it. 30 Characters

this would actually set off a new type of aqua trend as ugc, I suggest taking off those blake outlines, and look at my sticky avatar, making a full black rendered outline instead, popping out from all directions!

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Thank you! The reason why I have the black cartoon outlines around the magic orbs/ bubbles is to make them pop, though now I see many people thing they would be better off without.

Where do you think the UGC hat should be? Maybe above the head, and I could make a stand that fits the roblox head to hold the bubble.

it should be on top of the head because the bottom looks like the head would hold it

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