Crystal Falls Scripter Vacancy

Crystal Falls Scripter Recruitment

About Us

Hi there! We’re a brand new development studios creating a new roleplay game with school elements!! We are creating an amazing, immersive magic adventure game with an awesome school element that anyway can come and enjoy!

The Team
@aesturr - Head Developer
@you- Scripter
Plus a large and fast-growing team of modelers for our furniture and accessories!!

About The Job

We need a skilled, professional scripter who can create some of the main game elements! The main projects you will deal with is an accessory shop where you can purchase accessories, skirts, or sets to wear. The player will be able to equip this and change the colors or the accessory! Also, you will need to create a body selector! When you first join the game for the first time you can choose a body! After that, you will spawn with the same body! The body selector would be somewhat like this! →

Some of our assets so far!

We will be expecting you to be active in the team and maintain all the projects you complete!!


We will be giving you a percentage payment when the game is released! You will get 30-37%!

Contact Us

Please contact me via Discord @aestur#3817! Thanks!

Thanks for reading! :+1:


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