Crystalize - Alliance Application

Communications & Relations Information

Crystalize prides itself in allying with other organisations in the workplace industry on this diversive platform, Roblox. There are many amazing companies out there and Crystalize endeavours to provide many opportunities to those seeking a partnership.

If you have any inquiries, comments or questions concerning any of these three departments, you may contact any member of the Corporate Office. Please send your application to a member of the Public Relations Department. If for some reason you are unable to contact anyone in that department, you can forward your application to a Super Rank member.

Alliance Terms

To be allied with Crystalize , your group must maintain professionalism in all sorts, mainly related to a group’s corporate office and their general staff. The term professionalism signifies an organisation’s ability to remain professional when contacting a partner, and when interacting with a partner you must sustain a professional act. Crystalize remains to act strictly towards unprofessional organisations during an alliance, hence we do not tolerate any unprofessionalism of any sort.

Maturity is arguably the most essential aspect in determining a group’s act. We ensure that our partners maintain maturity when visiting our games, places and during public discussions associated with Crystalize. Crystalize prioritises this alliance term merely due to its importance, and all groups that wish to ally with Crystalize must maintain maturity through its staff team when associating itself with us.

Mutual respect is another term we strongly prioritise, and groups who display mutual respect to their partner certainly are eligible to ally with Crystalize if they abide by the requirements.

Alliance Requirements

The conditions below are mandatory to be one of Crystalize’s partners as our standards filter, and help to give us only the best of alliance options. Should your organisation be unable to comply to any of the following points, and your application will be declined.

• Your business must possess a group place with constant activity and satisfactory work ethic.
• You group must have the commitment to support, & assist Crystalize to your greatest extent.
• You organisation must have a clean reputation and the competency to maintain it.
• Your group must contain 250 nonbotted members.

Alliance Application

[1] What is the name of your business? Tell us about it.
[2] How many members does your group have?
[3] Is your organisation active? Explain further.
[4] Why are you wanting to become one of our business partners?
[5] What kind of impact will be made if we accept your alliance? What are your plans?
[6] Provide us with the link to your Roblox group, at least 2 representatives in which we can contact, and if you have it, community Discord.

If your group does not abide by all of these requirements, then your group will be deemed ineligible to form an alliance with us. Only with Crystalize’s subsidiaries do we make exceptions.


We thank you for being interested to form an alliance with Crystalize! Keep in mind that our executives will review your application and we will inform you of our final decision within approximately 72 hours. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact one of our members in the Public Relations Department for further assistance.