Crystical Cruises: Training Staff Handbook

Crystical Cruises

This page is written by the Executive Director+ of Crystical Cruises.


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Training Staff Handbook

Overview for staff: Today’s training session will include the following:

  • Introduction of the training.

  • What this training session will include.

  • Rules of this training session.

  • The board information screen.

  • Demonstration of the Check-In, Trolling and exploiting.

  • Introducing the CheckMeIn System in place.

  • What a good greeting should look like and what it should include.

  • You will notify your Trainees if they have “Passed” or “Failed”.

  • Training will be concluded in the room where the pictures are taken.

  • If any Executive-Officer+ is present, trainees should be ranked within the training. Otherwise, the host should DM all those who have passed to any EO+.

  • Photos will be taken with Trainees (Those who have passed).

  • Training will end.


  • Exploiting will be required at all times in demonstration. Only the trainer part may exclude exploiter. However, when +4 trainees are present, Exploiting must also be done in the trainer part.
  • To start a training, there should be at least 1 SM+ to host, and 1 CS+ to help along.
  • Grammar is not required for Receptionists to pass a training.
  • Music may be turned on, but should be turned off once you start the Screen. Music can get trainees distracted from focussing.
  • You are allowed to change the Hosting guide, suitable for yourself. But as long as everything means the exact same thing.
  • It’s recommended to do /e before doing commands. Or any other way to hide your command from getting in the Roblox Chat. (e.g: /e :m Hey!)

Hosting Guide

To host you must be a Shift Manager or above.

Feel free to Copy-Paste.

Section 1.1 - Before Screening

(Training Host) :m Welcome to this Crystical Cruises Receptionist training session, please take your seats within the meeting area and we will shortly begin.

(Training Host) :sm Hello and welcome to today’s training session. My name is … and I will be your host today followed by my Co-Host and Training Assistants.

(Training Host) :sm Before we welcome you, if you have any questions during the lessons or practicals, please keep them in mind and ask them when your Trainer asks “Any Questions?”.

(Training Host) :m So before we begin our training session today, are there any questions from anyone?

Section 1.2 - Rules + Screening

(Training Host) :m We will start off by going over the basic rules for this training session.

(Training Host) :sm Rule 1: You will be expected to maintain good conduct, and behaviour at all times during this session and outside.

(Training Host) :sm Rule 2: Trolling will not be tolerated, if you are caught doing so it will result in you being warned, if you continue to troll, you will be kicked.

(Training Host) :sm Rule 3: If you are caught being rude to anyone, you will be dealt with appropriately and be warned.

(Training Host) :sm Rule 4: Remember to have fun, and enjoy yourself!

(Training Host) :sm Now it’s time to watch the information board behind us.

Section 2 - Demonstrations

(Training Host) :m Please follow us to the next room. Line up in front of the door, please.

Make sure Trainees are sitting in the seats in the Demonstration Room.

(Training Host) :sm So today we will be learning about how to Check-In, deal with trollers and Exploiters. Please watch carefully as to how we will show you.

Demonstrations are now shown with 2 staff members each for the Demos.

Quick Add-Ons for all Demos:

Check In

(Demo Staff 1) Hello! Welcome to CC. My name is … and how could I help you on this beautiful day?

(Demo Staff 2) Hello! I would like a room please.

(Demo Staff 1) Of course! Standard, Upgraded or Sea-Front?

(Demo Staff 2) Standard Please!

(Demo Staff 1) Of course! Checks In using the system.


(Demo Staff 1) Greeting

(Demo Staff 2) Trolling + continuing

(Demo Staff 1) Warning 1 - [Reason]

(Demo Staff 1) Warning 2- [Reason]

(Demo Staff 1) Warning 3 - [Reason]

(Demo Staff 1) Gets any MR+

(Demo Staff 2) Gets Kicked

*Keep in mind that you should give out warnings when staff 2 is continuing to troll.


(Demo Staff 1) Greeting

(Demo Staff 2) Using any command to show “Exploiting”

(Demo Staff 1) Gets any HR+ with proof

(Demo Staff 2) Gets banned

*Keep in mind that commands should only be used on yourself and nobody else must be affected.

Please ask the trainees if they have any questions, after every demonstration.

Section 3 - Trainee’s Training

(Training Host) :m Now that we have finished our Demonstrations, It’s time for you to show what your skills are. Please line up in front of the next door.

(Training Host) :m Please sit down in any seat and wait for your trainer to arrive. You will be trained shortly.

Trainers to train Trainee’s

To begin training a trainee, introduce yourself to the trainee and continue

(Trainer -All Staff-) Welcome to the last section where we will be learning about: greetings and the CheckMeIn System.

(Trainer -All Staff-) First of all we will start with greetings. There are 3 main parts in a good greeting, those are the following:

(Trainer -All Staff-) 1, The welcoming. Welcome the customer with a warm welcoming message. 2, The name of our group. You must have “Crystical Cruises” or “CC” in your greeting.

(Trainer -All Staff-) 3, Your name. Your name is a way to show respect to the customer. If you don’t want your real name to be given, use a nickname.

(Trainer -All Staff-) Remember that you may personalize it to your likings. Example of a greeting: “Hello, welcome to CC! My name is … . How can I help you today?”

(Trainer -All Staff-) Information about the Check-Me-In system we use with Crystical Cruises. Check-Me-In is our system for checking guests in, out and checking room availability.

(Trainer -All Staff-) Do you have any questions about the system?

(Trainer -All Staff-) Now it is time to test your knowledge and do a practical assessment! Please note for this assessment the system only has a standard cabin on there instead of Upgrade and Sea-front.

(Trainer -All Staff-) I will come up to you individually and you will state your greeting, then I will ask for a room. and then perform a troll test on you. Any questions before we start?

Practical Assessments

(Trainer - all Staff-) Alright! Now we will start with the normal roleplay, state your CC greeting when you are ready.

(Do normal roleplay)

(Trainer - all Staff-) Alrighty! Now we will do the troller test. Make sure to state your greeting again when ready.

(Do troller test)

(Trainer - all Staff-) Good! Now we will do the exploiter test! Remember exploiters are basically hackers. State greeting once again when ready to begin!

(Do exploiter test)

(Trainer - all Staff-) Well done! That concludes the practical part. We will be getting your results soon, please stand by. If you passed, don’t leave yet because all passers will take a photo.

All Trainers will ask for a room and troll on the Trainee. After it’s all done, you will give out the results whether the trainee has passed or failed.
Keep in mind that when 4+ trainees are present, exploiting must be included.

Section 4 - Finalizing

Once everything has been completed, and every trainer has finished training their trainee, the trainee’s who sadly have failed, will be kicked out with the reason they failed.

Then we move onto the next room, and everyone stands on the corresponding lines in order to rank the passed trainees. To rank trainees, any EO+ must be at the training. No EO+? Send any EO+ on Discord, the trainees who passed.

Once every trainee has been ranked, we will be moving to the photo area where the host will take a photo of all staff and passed trainees. Trainees should stand on the highest line of the tribune, while staff can stay on the 3 lines below. You will be given a GUI to sit or keep standing.

After the photo has been taken, you will send it to the Training-Gallery of our Discord server. After, tell everyone they’re dismissed and shortly after that, shut down with the message “Training Concluded”.
Training Concluded!