[CS] Official group guide


Cloud Swimming

Welcome to Cloud Swimming.

Before you read any of this please make sure to read all Roblox Guidlines. These all need to be abided in our games. If you are caught not following these you will be banned.

Roblox official guidelines

Cloud Swimming rules

  1. No causing drama in our games, you will instantly be kicked from the game once reported.

  2. No pretending or roleplaying as a staff member. This will be an instant ban! (You can see who is staff by looking at their ranks above there head or on the player list.)

  3. Trolling or rude comments will not be acceptable. Once seen by a staff or reported there will be consequences.

  4. Any hatred or rude things being said on the group wall will be deleted. If you continue you will be exiled from the group.

  5. Advertising will be an instant exile from the group.


Level 1 Requirements:

  • Jump backwards off lower board.
  • Jump off lower platform.
  • Jump backwards off lower board with hurdle.

Level 2 Requirements:

  • Front Flip off of lower platform.
  • Back flip off lower board.
  • 180 pike off lower board with hurdle.

Level 3 Requirements:

  • Double front flip off lower board.
  • Double backflip off lower platform.
  • Double backflip & KTM off lower board with hurdle.

Level 4 Requirements:

  • 180 pike off middle boards with hurdle.
  • 360 pike with hurdle off middle boards.
  • 360 pike & 180 pike off middle platform.

Level 5 Requirements:

  • Planter kick & Pike off middle boards with hurdle.
  • 180 pike & back flip off middle boards.
  • Gainer & front flip off middle platforms.

Level 6 Requirements:

  • Gainer, front flip & twister off middle boards with hurdle.
  • Twister, Planter kick & front flip off middle board.
  • 360 pike, Pike & Twister off middle platform.

Level 7 Requirements:

  • 360 pike, Gainer, KTM & Front flip off higher boards with hurdle.
  • 180 pike, Back flip, Back twist & Looser off higher boards.
  • Back flip, Back twist, Looser & KTM off higher platform.

Level 8 Requirements:

  • Front flip, Planter Kick, Pike, Looser & Gainer off higher board with hurdle.
  • 360, Twister, KTM & 180 Pike off higher boards.
  • Gainer & Looser x3 off higher platform.

Level 9 Requirements:

  • Double front flip, 360 pike, Gainer & Twister off higher board with hurdle.
  • Dive, Front flip, 180 pike, Back flip & Back twist off higher boards.
  • Gainer, Front flip, 360 pike, 180 pike, Looser & Back twist off higher platform.

Swimming requirements coming soon


Classes are hosted daily by our staff team. The classes will be also posted on the group shout that is updated daily.

We offer a variety of levels ranging from 1 to 10 that allows our swimmers to rank up by attending classes. (10 being elite.)