CSCRP Merchandise Hiring until February 1 2021

Hi there! I’m SouthWestInfantry , also known as South. I have been on ROBLOX since 2018. I am the Owner of CSCRP, Known as Colorado County, I am very excited to find and Hire willing Colorado Clothes Designers
CSCRP is looking for Clothes Designer who can Make shirts and and get there job done Without Issues We are looking
Clothes Designer
_________________________________________________________________________________@CSCRP Is also Looking for People who will do their Job Properly. We are Requiring Clothes Designer Who can Make clothes for the community like merchandise and Some clothes We want! Is also Known as being A New beginning!
_________________________________________________________________________________ Hiring Clothing Designer’s
Payment & More
We will discuss the payment or However.

Roblox - SouthWestInfantry
Discord - SouthWestInfantry#5980

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