CSG Issues, Often Can't Negate/Union or Colors Get Messed Up

Recently I have started experiencing this issue where if you have a negated part, lets say the color of it is green. You union it with another part and the negated area of the part suddenly gets the green color of the negated one.
This started happening a few days ago and as far as I can tell, it happens in multiple places.

What I expect is for the negated part to actually cut a hole in the union, instead of doing so while also changing the color.

Instead, I get results like this:

This only happens for my studio. Other people do not have this issue. The unions aren’t corrupted or anything and i’ve reinstalled studio twice.

This bug appears to only happen in studio, it does not give any error however it just edits the union further than I want it to.

Another issue to note: I will often get this error message when unioning parts.