CTF Template- How to let players move/play during intermission?

I am hosting a small event where teams will compete in a 3v3 paintball match. Currently, I am using the CTF Template because it had a round system that is already implemented. However, it does not have a way to let players choose their teams, which is no good since the whole idea is that the current teams are already organized.

I had an idea to create an area with a neutral spawn point. During the first intermission, the six players can walk to an area and choose their teams before the game begins, but instead of spawning on neutral, i spawn on either red or blue when i run the game.
Also, a secondary problem is that you cant move around during the intermission period.

I think If i could enable players to move around during intermission, I could manage letting them choose their teams. How would I allow this using the template?

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