Ctrl+Click to go to definition


A lot of major IDE’s have a feature that lets you Ctrl/Command+Click a symbol and go to the definition of it. (Some make it even better and let you Ctrl+Click the definition to find usages). This is a godly feature. When writing code, a very common thing to do is to see a method used somewhere and want to go to where it’s written. The current best way is to use “Find All”, copy and paste the method name, and scroll through the results. That takes a lot more than just a Ctrl+Click. I think this is a small feature that would have a very noticeable impact on the experience of coding in Studio.

(This isn’t a too hard/impossible kind of request. I think these kinds of UX improvements are essential to making Studio a good product.)


The current ‘goto declaration’ menu option (right-click on a definition or ctrl + F12) doesn’t suffice?


I feel like being able to simply press a key and then a mouse click would be better.


Sure it suffices. Ctrl+Click is just so much better and it’s worth it for such a common task.