Ctrl-clicking opens games on the Home page in the current tab in addition to background tab

When Ctrl-clicking a game tile (title or icon) on the Home page using common browsers, the expected behaviour is to only open it in a new background tab.

This bug causes it to open in my current tab, as well as the new background tab.

This happens on Edge, Chrome and Firefox on the Roblox page 100% of the time. I’ve determined this is a Roblox bug by checking these other browsers which expect the same result.

I believe this wasn’t happening last week since this is a regular thing I do while browsing the site.


Can’t repro anymore, marking as solved.

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This has resurfaced lately. However, it appears to not only affect the home page, but when searching for a game as well:


It does not seem to impact the Discover page.

Please file a new bug report if this issue still occurs