Ctrl UI text should be Cmd on Mac

If you right click, for example, on the output window in studio, all the options on mac say ctrl+c, ctrl+k etc when it should be cmd+c, cmd+k etc

This happens everytime and in a lot of places in the studio UI. Ctrl-k and Ctrl-c in this case don’t do anything on mac but Cmd-k and Cmd-c have the expected results of clearing output and copying.


I personally don’t have a mac myself but my friend, who is new to Roblox, has complained about this multiple times and it definitely does seem annoying!


I do have a mac but never saw this as a problem or never really noticed it. Anytime I see ctrl, I automatically know it is cmd. I guess it is something a mac user has to get used to.

Though, to avoid any confusion especially for new users, I agree it would be a good idea to display cmd.