Cube Killer Updates


Version 2.0


  • Players can switch between main and secondary
  • Players now slow down while shooting
  • Reloading animation was added
  • Added exploding zombie
  • Added bosses
  • Loading screen


  • Zombies spawn more randomly

  • Zombies’ should have a more normalized speed

  • Leaderboard system was reworked and wiped
    Top 1,2,3 players have a different name in the leaderboard

  • Background was changed

  • Menu was changed
    Player’s character now can be viewed from the menu

  • Settings was changed
    Added option to mute sounds
    Debug information is now extended to provide more data

  • Scripts were reworked
    The game now uses more the server to add more protection against exploiters.

  • Debug now displays important information


  • Stone zombie was removed
  • Removed dashing
  • Removed rainbow skin and blue skin from the game


  • Fixed everything from the previous version, since this is a total remake.
Version 1.0

What’s new

  • Reworked Menu,
  • Player now has a gun,
  • Added a new zombie: Fast zombie,
  • Buffed stone zombie
Version 0.9.1

What’s new

  • Small UI modifications
  • Roundified the player
  • Officialy awarded the rainbow skin and the blue skin to two players
Version 0.9


What’s new

  • Added leaderboard,
  • Added avatar customization,
  • Now the cube is a circle,
  • Added a new zombie: Stone Zombie,
  • Added more debug info,
  • Made some small changes to the buttons,
  • Added more badges.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the badges not being given even if you had the requirements.
Version 0.8


What’s new

  • Added more buttons, for new features that will be added next update
  • Made some new effects for the buttons
  • New thumbnails for the game
  • New badges
  • Added a new gun: Pistol

Fixed bugs

  • Reworked the entire Server script, now having no bugs.
Version 0.7

What’s new

  • Small UI modifications

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a major bug not allowing to play again after dying
  • Fixed another bug where the game would not begin
Version 0.6

What’s new

  • Enemy now rotate towards the player
  • Added a little box that show the multipliers you have
  • Added a label that show which round begins

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed multipliers not working and damaging the player,
  • Fixed the movment of the cubes.

Scripting: SuperPuiu
Quality Assurance: TestDummz

Publisher: Duckling Entertainment

NOTE: Those are the official releases, patches that are released to fix a version aren’t here.
NOTE: Version 1.0 is the final version of Cube Killer 1.

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