Curious Virus in Game

Hello! I am very worried about something that recently happened to me. I am currently building a cafe for my cafe group. One of my devs decided to go and start scripting the cafe. He went in and saw that there was a virus in my game. Now, this took me by surprise because I haven’t used free models in this game, so I asked myself, “Where could this virus have come from?” The only thing I used was the realism mod. I thought it would be nice to make the cafe seem more realistic with some nice lighting, so I added it in. When I noticed that it hadn’t affected the game when I tested it, I was curious but brushed it off as a bug. I don’t understand how other than a mod that has been favorited over 1,000 times could have put a virus in my game, so I am curious what the Devforum’s ideas of where this virus could have come from.
I appreciate all feedback on this topic! :slight_smile:
(also I think this is under the wrong topic, please let me know if it is)


About the topic i think its wrong but idk whats the correct topic.

But about this virus, u can see if its a script in ur game that have anything wrong.
And this “realism mod” it’s a plugin?

The plugins can create scripts or change yours, i recommend to make the game more realist without plugins. (editing the game.lightning)


Depending on the type of virus it can be narrowed down, for example, most backdoor scripts are taken manually via plugin or free model, however can be placed from a developer mindlessly adding free script.

If you are 100% you did not place a virus from anything you’ve used then it was some member on your development team, since there are no known exploits to gain studio access without account breeching.

Also question, what effect was the virus having on your game?
Map distraction, studio destruction, just curious to what the issue at hand was.


Thank you, and it is a plugin. I think I will edit the game lighting

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But now the virus is in ur game, right?

U have any ideas to find it? (I recommend see in ServerScriptServices/ReplicatedStorage/Lightning)

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My dev deleted it for me, so I think I will be fine.

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Ok, but ur dev knows whats the virus?
Bc now some virus can duplicate and recover for a time. (This happend in the more powerfull virus)
But… see ur luck, u put in the wrong topic, nobody says/knows the right topic and u don’t get flagged already! XD

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I think I will be fine, my dev is very advanced, but thank you!


The virus was causing the game to destroy itself. My dev saw that the files were called, “Antivirus,” and Piggy Crouch." The game was glitchy, and when I would test it, parts of the terrain were gone.

This virus has been probably inserted either by your plugin or one of your devs’ plugins. Can you please send link to the plugin so we can check it? Also tell your devs to check their plugins as well.

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I think the realism mod is what created the virus.

Both of these plugins seem reliable, you should probably check if any of the other people with studio access have a malicious plugin.

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Both of the plugins you are using are safe, but check the other people you are working with to see if they have a bad plugin.

If they do not have a bad plugin, you should search all of your scripts for require, because this is how backdoors are implemented into your game, especially if it is requiring a random number or a variable that is set to a random number.

If you still cannot find the cause, try doing it while disabling the plugins, or disabling certain scripts (select the script and toggle comment so it doesn’t run). The script or plugin that you disable when the game is working is the one that is destroying your game.

If it is a script, make sure you know everything that is going on in the script, if you see any long random numbers that are placed for no reason, then delete it, because that is what is most likely causing the problem.

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Plugins can have viruses, check those.

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Do not use the plugin page, nothing is safe there. I’m surprised roblox hasn’t taken action against malicious plugins, this could affect new developers and sway them from using this platform.

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Yeah I only trust two plugins. The 3D text plugin and the load character plugin.

I used to trust the Realism mod, but I think it is what caused the virus in my game.

If you didn’t use free models then that leaves a malicious plugin to be the cause of the issue unless one of your Devs decided to go rogue and fit your cafe with a virus. But let’s not point fingers as I don’t know any of your devs, so for now let’s focus on your plugins. Can you share a screenshot, or a video, of your entire plugins list? And, in regards to the virus, can you share a screenshot of it, and record a video of you trying to delete it? If it’s a script share a screenshot of the full script here.

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the realism mod contains viruses, this is literally publicly known info, and once you delete the viruses they’ll just be reloaded by the plugin if you haven’t removed it already.

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I can send a screenshot of my plugins, or I can list them here.

  1. Realism mod (most likely suspect)
  2. Load Character by AlreadyPro
  3. 3D Text