Currency exchange in groups

Why can’t you exchange Tickets to Robux in a group? The closest you could come is having to cash out Tickets, exchange them to Robux, and then buy something from the group with that Robux - causing you to lose 30% of it all.

I’d like to see a feature that would allow groups to exchange currency without having to do this.


How should this work? Allow people to spend group funds in the currency exchange and have the result be deposited directly back into the group funds? Someone could exchange all of your Robux for 1 ticket and all of your tickets for 1 Robu(ck?) – that’s just as dangerous as giving people the ability to pay out revenue, so I’d imagine it’d have to be restricted to the group owner only.

Yep, exactly what I was thinking. Just like how payouts are restricted to the group owner. Other than that, I’d imagine it would function the same as regular currency exchange.