Current problem with Collaboration Category

Hello everyone!

The current situation at #collaboration is somehow pretty interesting. You know, it is pretty hard to find smaller tasks. Everyone is just looking for Developers that will work on full game, not just few assets (Programmers especially).

That’s why it would be great to have tags, which would be like: Smaller Task, Payment in Robux and so on.

It would be so much easier to find tasks which would take smaller time to finish. It could help all developers looking for work!


Yeah, great idea. But, do remember that tags are created by the people who post. Many of them don’t create new tags because it hasn’t been used at all and it may seem unnecessary.

I guess someone needs to start and it will accumulate over time (like the @coefficients tag).

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#commission, #game, #robux, etc. seem to have this covered already. People not using them just means they aren’t considered very useful.


Tags can be incredibly useful if they’re used correctly, they help a lot with search optimisation.

We have plans to fix them in the future, and implement them in a way which makes them useful and hard to misuse, but it’s not a high priority afaik because there are more important things to discuss first like devforum scalability issues.