Currently burnt out of ideas for maps - what should I do?

Hi, guys!

Recently, I’ve became I guess burnt in terms of ideas for maps. I currently have 8 maps in-game already, and I’m wanting to add more, since the maps that feature core arena-shooter elements like labyrinth styled arenas are scarce and only come up once or twice. A great example of a map like this would be Quake 3’s “Campgrounds.”

If anyone has any advice, or where I should start, please let me know! Would love for some feedback on this since I’m not entirely sure!


If the game is out you can (and should!!!) ask your community and see what suggestions they give, as they are the ones playing the game and know what makes it enjoyable. It’s pretty hard to keep up the momentum of generating ideas on your own, and having a community which shares the same passion to the game as you do really helps.

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Try going into other games like phantom forces, and grab a few map ideas there. Just build them in your own way.

I would suggest a map like CS:GO’s Cobblestone. What feel are you looking for the map?

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Could you tell me your map ideas? So we can know what ideas are already on use. By the way, I would do a space map.

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Hi @TheRings0fSaturn!

First of all, It’s great that you’re so creative, to have so much ideas, imagination and creativity, that you want to share with fellow developers and Robloxians.

Now, you can either try to combine those ideas into one map, by kind of ''melting them inside of each other, kind of combining them into isles, or whatever.

You can also start off with the map you’re really excited about, or the easiest one.

Structure your ideas, organize and start to build.

If you have any questions, I’m always here to answer them.